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We didn’t win, but I’m proud, I’m proud of my country, I’m proud of what we did, because it wasn’t just a team, it was TEAM WITH 40,000,000 MEMBERS. It was a full country, with the same feelings, supporting just one thing. I’m proud because we didn’t even be in the final since 24 years. I’m proud of all the team, I don’t have the enough words to thank.

See that? That is 'The Obelisco', it’s a famous building in Buenos Aires.

When the match finished, many people went there to celebrate like we win. Because the emotion was there, the emotion of achieve or reach something that we didn’t in so many years. Unfortunatelly, after where some incidents caused by people that always have to do something bad.

He’s Romero, ‘Chiquito’ Romero.
Some people said that he wasn’t enough for the team, that he is a bad player.

Thanks to Romero, we passed to the final.

He is Mascherano. He was very important because he encourage the players, he told Romero 'You are the hero'. After that, we passed to the final. I love Messi, but I think that Mascherano deserved the Golden Ball.
Higuain when the goalkeeper hit him and almost hurt in a way very dangerous. For the referee it wasn’t a penalty, the goalkeeper almost kill him but it wasn’t a penalty, YE$, OF COUR$E IT WA$$$N’T (u can all go to hell)

That’s Di Maria. He was injured or wounded (no se como se dice lesionado en ingles gggg) and he was very important but he couldn’t play. He wanted to play, he was going to play undercover, but when Real Madrid find out that, they called to Sabella or someone and said that they have to take care of him and don’t let him play because it was dangerous.

Anyway, you know what? I’m so proud of my country, Argentina. I don’t care if we lost, WE PLAYED WITH EVERY HEARTBEAT AND WITH THE PRIDE OF BEING ARGENTINIAN. Best players in the world, I don’t care what other people think. We stopped the country. Drinking mate, eating facturas, JUST LIKE WE ALWAYS DO. I LOVE ARGENTINA AND I’M SO PROUD. We could win and so? We didn’t and we cried.

I can assure that it broke our hearts. But still proud of where we got and what we are.
Germany won the world cup, but we won the true glory, the heaven, because we leave our hearts, our soul, everything. We wanted the cup, but we have to realize that the cup doesn’t make you the best. Be the best is leave your soul in the stadium and never give up, and fight ‘till the end. Argentina did it, and we can’t be more proud of it. We achieved something that we didn’t since 24 years.

And… ¿Who says that we can’t be champions?

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